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Alternative Medicine Therapies - On Your Path to Wellness
The therapies listed below can end your search for the answers to your discomfort, be it heart palpitations, hot flashes, acid stomach, or addiction. We do what is necessary without causing you any pain or negative side affects. What better way to enhance the effectiveness of our recommendations and your enjoyment of the process toward wellness?

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Speaker Needed?

I you are looking for a speaker to discuss alternative medicine in general or any of the therapies listed below, contact Psychologist and CNHP Parthenia Izzard. Call 866.472.6094 or send an email to consult@amtherapies.com to make arrangements.

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 Online Psychosocial Coaching
feedback without having to make an appointment weeks from now... When you just need to communicate with someone informally...use our online psychosocial coaching service.<More>



If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then they are also the windows to your health. Your eyes can provide health practitioners with valuable information regarding your health. Your irises are examined to find imbalances in the body. Iridologists are able to gather details that most conventional medical practices miss. <More>

The body is a magnificent machine that provides information regarding its weaknesses. With Kinesiology, your body tells us what is weak and what it needs to make it strong. There are no harmful x-rays, needle draws, or injection of toxic dyes used to identify weaknesses. The muscles are tested and the information from the test enables us to determine what herbs, vitamins, and/or minerals will address the cause of your medical issues. There are so many different herbs and supplements that are good for the body, but they need to be customized for maximum results to your body. <More>

Nutritional Therapy
Diet is the key to maintaining nutritional health. Making positive changes can alleviate many common digestive problems. Nutritional therapy is the component that combined with your iridology assessment and kinesiology testing puts you on the path toward optimum health. With corrective nutritional therapy, your energy level and ability to focus should improve. There are additional benefits to nutritional therapy. The most common is the increase in metabolism, which aids the removal of unwanted pounds. <More>

Energy medicine
Often the acute, chronic, and degenerative ailments traditional medical doctors cannot recognize can be identified and balanced through iridology, kinesiology, reflexology, and nutrition. Energy therapy may also help as frequencies (radio, light, sound, etc.) are used to balance one's energy which should have positive effects on common ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer. The energy therapy that is recommended is based on the kinesiology test results. A determination is made at the time of testing regarding the best therapy to use for your condition. Generally, energy therapy is the best option for you when the regimen is started in short order. <More>

When your quality of life has been compromised by misdiagnosis and reports that there is no help for you, testing the acupressure points of the feet is another assessment that can provide answers. Reflexology can aid in finding root causes of symptoms. These points correspond to specific organs, which enable the practitioner to know where to focus. Having this information is necessary when recommending herbal, vitamin, mineral, and other supplementation that may enhance your wellness, tranquility, and enjoyment of life. <More>

One of the major causes of disease symptoms related to ailments like high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and many psychological disorders can be traced to stressors. Meditation is one of the best ways to minimize stress and the detriment it does in our lives. We will guide you in choosing the kind of meditative practice that suits you and your lifestyle so that you handle pressure, and it does not handle you. <More>

Psychological Consultations
We use an eclectic approach (cognitive behavioral, solution focused, etc.) to lead you out of your depressed or anxious state and back to a more productive and enjoyable way of life. We employ Bach Floral Essence Remedies and nutrition. We will not issue toxic recommendations. Additionally, you will not need to make visits to the office to monitor your liver, kidney, or heart to ensure that the recommendations are not destroying these organs. Consultations can be done in person, by phone, video conferencing, or some combination of all three. Noninvasive is our way! <More>


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