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About Alternative Medicine Therapies

What we believe fuels what we do, how we feel, and even how well we are. We often feel fine when there are unknown imbalances brewing inside of us. Let us help you find out what they are before you start feeling any discomfort. It is important to know the connection. By knowing the connection to existing health patterns and possible genetic issues, we can work with preventive remedies that can alleviate problems before they start and curtail the ones that are in progress.

At Alternative Medicine Therapies we know the connection. Through noninvasive therapies: iridology, kinesiology, energy medicine, meditation, reflexology, psychological consultation, and personalized nutrition, we set you in the right direction toward your physical or mental health goals. If you have nagging allergies that limit the enjoyment of your life, if you hate getting out of breath by just climbing a set of stairs, if taking harmful pills daily makes you sicker than your illness, if your doctor will not listen to what you have to say, try us.

We want to help you find a better way to live.

Wellness Testimonials And Reviews

What to Expect With Your Initial Consultation: Iridology and Kinesiology

  • Iridology and kinesiology (muscle testing) are used as the primary assessment tools to determine your imbalances. We examine your iris and compare those findings with what the muscle test indicates.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes for the test to allow for more accurate readings.

What Type of Recommendations Can You Expect?

  • Using kinesiology, we determine what herbs, vitamins, and/or minerals will address your particular situation and strengthen your weaknesses.
  • You leave with a list for wellness.

What Happens in Follow-up Sessions?

  • Your follow-up sessions will consist of iridology, and kinesiology tests to chart your progress and make nutritional adjustments as required.

Founder's Biography

Parthenia Izzard, the founder and President of Alternative Medicine Therapies, remembers that even as a child she has wanted to be a healing energy in the lives of those with whom she comes in contact. For as long as she can remember her life has revolved around alternative ways of enhancing her health and the health of those around her.

Parthenia's personal exploration provides the foundation for her professional and formal study as an adult. She spent her adult life devouring books on acupressure, herbology, psychology, nutrition, vegetarianism, yoga, and meditation. Some years after marriage to John, and while in the dissertation phase of her PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology (ABD), Parthenia decided to become a certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner (CNHP) and Pennsylvania state certified Psychologist. She studied nutrition, iridology, kinesiology, bodyworks, body systems, and energy medicine at the Delaware Valley Naturopathic Medical Association in Pennsylvania (accredited by the American Naturopathic Medical Association).

With that foundation, she founded Alternative Medicine Therapies to formally provide that energy to others. Once she committed to opening her private practice, her dream was formally realized. Now you too can share her energy and let Alternative Medicine Therapies bring a smile to your face because you'll just feel so much better.

Through a comprehensive approach of using the therapy that suits you, by not forcing you to adapt to a therapy, determines the best therapy for your condition. When aptly applied, you will find your way to a path of wellness, wholeness, and wisdom.

Giving Back to the Community: Wellness Fuels the Arts

In addition to dedicating ourselves to guiding people toward wellness, we donate a portion of our annual proceeds to the Mount Vernon Fine Arts Cultural Center, Incorporated (MVFACC, Inc.). These contributions allow us to be a part of guiding people toward creative and spiritual wellness through the arts. The Center, a not-for-profit arts organization, provides low and/or no cost arts training and entertainment to disadvantaged communities in the state of New York.

GET WELL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We recommend that you always consult your physician before starting any alternative medicine therapy.

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